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"There have been many historians who say that we cannot know where we are going unless we know who we are and from where we came. Historic Beaufort Foundation is a primary resource for who we are as Americans and as a community.

All the threads of Beaufort are woven together into a magnificent quilt through our shared history. Our continued support of the mission of shared community can be realized in our support of HBF. We become stronger through learning our own history and HBF is the conduit."

- Beth Grace

In 1944, a group of thoughtful citizens led by Beaufort resident Howard Danner came together to save the Lafayette Building at 801 Bay Street in downtown Beaufort. The house, now known as the John Mark Verdier House, was slated for demolition by the City.  Out of this successful effort, the house was saved, and Historic Beaufort Foundation emerged. 

Incorporated in 1965, Historic Beaufort Foundation under the leadership of Board President Lucy Hall, and with support from Mayor Henry Chambers and others, championed the effort to restore the John Mark Verdier House, opening it to the public in 1975.

Chartered in 1965


HBF is a 501(c)3 not for profit education foundation created  to preserve, protect and present sites and artifacts of historic, architectural and cultural interest throughout Beaufort County, South Carolina.


Cynthia Cole Jenkins


Lise Sundrla


Linda Lathrop


Cassandra Knoppel

Preservation Education
and Programs Coordinator

"HBF is the "guardian angel" of the unique history of Beaufort, particularly its architecture. This unique quality is what makes Beaufort such a wonderful place to live."

- Carolyn and Bill Nettles


Wayne Vance


Kevin Cuppia

Vice Chairman

J. Wood Rutter


Beth Grace


John C. Troutman

Immediate Past President

Patricia Battey

Marshall Bassett

Ann Higgins

Dr. John McCardell

Rob Montgomery

Cheryl Steele

Donna Dehncke

Larry Haskell

Derek Gilbert

Drew Scallan

John Tashjian

Sarah Dyson