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Historic Beaufort Foundation

“So many American cities have only plaques to inform about their past, and thanks to HBF, we have the very sites that bring history alive and relevant to today.”

- Jay Weidner

Landscape Gardener

Historic Beaufort Foundation (HBF) has been at the forefront of the preservation movement for decades, fighting to preserve the integrity of local buildings, neighborhoods, and protecting the authenticity of the National Historic Landmark District. HBF’s easement program protects the exteriors of some of Beaufort’s most important buildings. Our museum and educational programs support an understanding and appreciation for the history of our region and the importance of our preservation mission. 

Our Revolving Fund is an instrumental resource in protecting Beaufort’s historic and architectural character, from Beaufort Style houses to 19th century freedmen’s cottages. HBF is recognized for addressing issues related to complex planning and zoning questions, monitoring tax incentives and seeking affordable housing opportunities appropriate for the National Landmark District.

Historic Beaufort Foundation is the primary advocate
for historic preservation in Beaufort County.

While proud of our past success, we have not won all the battles. Indeed, our most important fight lies ahead. As our city and the surrounding region experience unprecedented growth, Beaufort is faced with its most serious challenge to date – the difficult task of protecting our fragile historic architecture and maintaining the quality of life experienced by residents.

With your support, Historic Beaufort Foundation will continue to make a difference, preserving the architectural and historic integrity of our community for future generations.

Help us write the next chapter of Beaufort’s preservation success story.